In this article,we will be going through how we can integrate Google calendar with our Spring boot api and push and fetch events to yours or anyone else’s calendar.

Let’s start with setting up our client authentication details using the Google cloud console.

Today we are going to talk about how we can integrate flutter with a node.js and MongoDB backend to store images on the server with the help of popular node.js package “Multer”.

What really is Multer?

Multer is a node.js middleware for handling multipart/form-data, which is primarily used for uploading files. It is written on top of busboy for maximum efficiency.You can read the documentation here:

In this session,we are going to make a simple flutter app to pick image from the phone’s gallery and send it over the server and save it for later use using multer and MongoDB.

Let’s get started.

  • First of all make a node.js folder using npm init and make a server.js file.
  • Let’s install the npm packages that we need for this project using the…

Today we are going to talk about what really riverpod is and how you can develop production ready complex apps with this powerful state management technique.

So,Riverpod is basically provider boosted to an another level with ease of functionalities.

Features of Riverpod that makes it very special:

  • Declare State from anywhere

No need to jump between your main.dart and your UI files anymore.

Place the code of your shared state where it belongs, be it in a separate package or right next to the Widget that needs it, without losing testability.

  • Recompute states/rebuild UI only when needed

We no-longer have to sort/filter lists inside the buildmethod or have to resort to advanced cache mechanism.

WithProviderand"families", sort your lists or do HTTP requests only when you truly…

Hey Guys, Today we are going to talk about the new firebase update from 30th September and how it changed Authentication methods.

Firebase in the most recent upgrade changed the way Authentication was used in apps. We will be talking about Google Sign-in in this article.

  • Packages you will need:
  • Let’s start with the sign-in function first.
  • Now create a auth.dart file for the sign-in and sign-out methods.
  • Now create another auth_listener.dart file that will help you know the authentication state of the user i.e whether the user is signed in or signed out.

Flutter has introduced…

Today we are going to talk about how easy it is to call someone directly from your flutter app so that it can be implemented in a real-time working application.

For this implementation, you will need url_launcher package:

Let’s code it now:

  • Declare this string url at the top.
String url= 'tel:+91224578781';

Replace the number with the number you want to call to.

  • Let’s define a function to make it work.
Future<void> callnow() async{
if(await canLaunch(url))
await launch(url);
throw 'call not possible';
  • Now run this function on a button press and you’ll be up and calling.

That’s it for this article,See you guys in the next one.

So,Today we are going to build an app that on given an image of a dog shows you what the breed of the dog is.For this I have used Google Teachable machine to train our classifying model and Flutter to get it working.

Let’s train our model first.

  • Open Google Teachable machine in your Browser
  • Now Click on ‘Get Started’ and then select Image Project.

So, few days back I saw linkedin flooded with Sorting Algorithms Visualizer web projects and I thought if it’s possible in web then why not implement this on an app and When it comes to apps you guys know how much I love flutter.

So,Let’s get started.

- Part 1: Analyzer

So, we have come to the last part of this news app with flutter series and we are just left with setting up notifications for our news app.It’s just a reminder notification for users to read the news.

So, Let’s get it working:


  • Install the firebase_messaging plugin for flutter.
  • Setup Push Notifications Service in your app.
  • Initialize and Configure the service.

Let’s code it now:

  • Let’s configure a switch now which after turning on will start the Notifications service.

Here, I have configured the switch to subscribe to word ‘news’ when turned on.So,Firebase will send notifications to all the users who subscribed to this word.

Now,let’s configure firebase:

So,In the part 1 of this series we designed our homepage for the news app that we are building.So, Let’s dive deeper and design our news page based on different categories.

Let’s get started with the part 2:


  • We will define a fetchnews() function which will help us fetch news from API based on the keywords we provide.
  • Then we will design our custom Appbar which will show the Category Name we are browsing currently.
  • We will create a News Tile widget now which is like a news Card which contains 1 image and the news article description.

Today we are going to develop a full fledged production ready news app from scratch. This app is created using a News API which is used to fetch all the news articles based on different categories Keywords.

Let’s create the Homescreen for the part 1.

Himanshu Ranjan

Full Stack Flutter Developer | ML | Firebase | Writer.

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